I have recently enjoyed running small creative workshops. I put together a very enjoyable 2 day Graphics Workshop in Cologne at the Max Planck Institute, helping scientists to improve their graphic communication.

By contrast, I also run Doodling Workshops for children, which is a fun pressure-free way to enjoy drawing with plenty of emphasis on the strange and silly.

“I now spend my free time doodling instead of on my phone”
Rosie, Year 5, St Marks Junior School, March 2017

“Incredibly engaging, creative and inspiring. Impossible to resist picking up a pen.”
Holly Class, St Marks Junior School, March 2017

“Creativity exists in many forms. This simple idea – oodles of doodles – blew us away. I can’t remember the last time children were given permission to be a little irreverent and daring. Universally loved. Genius”
Mr Flemington, Headmaster, St Marks Junior School, March 2017